Programs & Activities

Healthy Discoveries Through Hands-On Learning

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Students in grades K-8 make hands-on connections to food and healthy eating. Our professional science, art, and cooking educators use food as the medium to teach a multi-disciplinary STEAM curriculum.

  • Activities are tailored to each grade level (K - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8).

  • Programs are adaptable to your school schedule and can accommodate up to sixty students total - thirty in a morning session, and thirty in an afternoon session.

  • Available for students with special education needs.

  • Cost per student is $20.00.

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There are two ways for your students to experience the Mobile Food Lab: 



Bring food education directly to your school for an interactive two-hour experience aboard the Mobile Food Lab.



Immerse your students with a full-day program at the Meadowlands Environment Center. Half-day aboard the Mobile Food Lab; half-day STEAM activities utilizing our indoor Vertical Farm.  


Sample Activities Include:

  • Tasteful Decoration in:

 Spicy Painting (K - 2)

  • Make a Window Box in:

 Herb Salad (3 - 5)

  • The Life of a Vertical Farm in:

Introduction to a Vertical Farm (6 - 8)

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